Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes – About the game

Through Your Eyes is an episodic interactive-movie telling story of student coping with insomnia problems. His condition is getting worse as he starts to have dreams he can no longer distinguish from reality…

Game orbits around lucid dreaming, surrealistic dreams, false awakening and reality while trying to mess with player’s head to the point that deciding which one is the real one is not a trivial question anymore. It’s essential to make player able to choose his own path in the game and decide what is true and what is valuable for him – the gameplay and game’s endings depend highly on user’s own interpretation – game is here to ask questions, rather than to answer and close them. TYE incorporates the elements of post-fabricant city landscape and folklore based on the city of Łódź, as the background for the plot.

State of development

Currently, we have completed  main plot points as well as some of OST for the game (including main theme). We are organizing studio and actors for voice-over. We believe we are around 30% done with programming-related parts, as we already have working interactions module, dialogues (with import/export support for 3rd-party programs), choices solver and so on. Everything is integrated into Unreal Engine 4 which also handles the rendering. As far as graphics is concerned, we have concept arts for most of the key characters and some are already being developed. One of them is during the finishing touch – texturing and baking. Our animators works now on proper rig for the finished base mesh.

About us

Our team consists of talented people from different disciplines connected by common goal – to create new quality that will truly move the audience. We aim for experience on the boundary of games and movies – just like the game itself balances between dreams and reality. Our team includes script writers, level designers, programmers, audio designers, 2D & 3D graphic artists, animators and so on. With first episode we focus on making the game memorable and moving, while also promoting ourselves as team and individuals. With that being said, we will share all the future profits among whole team.

If you are interested into joining us, don’t be a stranger:

Discord:  PolGraphic#0894
Skype: PolGraphic